Upcoming Bicycles for November

Upcoming Vintage Bicycles

Updated on the 25 November 2017. Please note that the information about the upcoming products is provided with no warranty.

#Bicycle NameSize
1De Rosa 1983 50th Anniversary #Z-171124/01
2Wilier #171124/01
3Eddy Mercky 10th Ann. #Z-171122/01
4Colnago Super light blue #171101/02
5Colnago Master C 50th Ann. #Z-171026/03
6Colnago 1960s Frame 171026/01
7Colnago Super 1968
8Colnago Nuovo Mexico 50th #Z-171101/01
9Moser Va Por La Hora blue
10Colnago Oval CX Proto
11Trek Y33 Retro MTB #171012/01
12Colnago Master SR #171001/0254
13Ritchey Retro MTB
14Colnago Nuovo Mexico 50th #Z-171101/01
15Bianchi Tour de France Frameset 170617/01
16Colnago Nuovo Mexico Saronni Red58
17Storck Scenario 170218/0159
18Cinelli Riviera 170218/0159
19Gebhart 170218/0160
20Carlton Ace170218/0154
21Alan Schutzbleche 170218/0153
22Alan gold 170218/0152
23Nishiki 170218/0156
24Alan Cross 170218/0156
25Pagelli 170218/0157
26Alan AX 170218/0156
27Coppi repainted 170218/0156
28Simonato 170218/0156
29Atala 170218/0156
30Raleigh Rot 170218/0157
31Legnano Nuovo Record #161209/01
32Atala 170218/0156
33Colnago Mexico #171108/01
34Marastoni 1960s #171108/01
35Cinelli Riviera Frame 170218/0159
36Guerciotti Frame 170218/0154
37Nervex Rahmen silber Frame 170218/0154
38Flema Frame 170218/0156
39Carpenter Frame 170218/0160
40Koga Miyata Gents Racer Frame 170218/0160
41Legnano 54 Special Frame 170218/0157
42Klein Pinnacle MTB Frameset 19inch
43Grandis silber Frame 170218/0159
44Louison Bobet Frame 170218/0157