The Vandal Fox T-Shirt

The Vandal Fox T-Shirt

The Vandal Fox T-Shirt

100% Organic Cotton. Designed in Belgium.

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    A helmet-wearing hand-drawn fox in pencil. This fox wears an old school ‘sausage helmet’ and a typical cycling cap. Why unite this woodland creature with the world of cycling? The fox is known to be intelligent and cunning. A rider who wants to win needs to possess those very same traits. With only strength and talent you will not always win the race. No, there’s fox-like tactics and brainpower needed as well. Those who support Dutch champion Marianne Vos might see a second layer of meaning in this design. Her surname ‘Vos’ is the exact same word for ‘fox’ in Dutch. The iron lady of cycling who won two Olympic races and twelve (!) world championships deserves more than just a footnote in cycling history. Layered indeed: this design honours smart racing, Marianne Vos and the whole female peleton all at once!

    The t-shirt is available in different sizes.

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