Sold Bikes & Parts

Sold Bikes & Parts
55 cm

Columbus SLX Road Bike NOS 1990s

Columbus SLX tubing. Cinelli lugs. Airbrush paintjob. 9-Speed shifting.


55.5 cm

Gianni Motta Personal 2001 R Brevettato NOS Bike

Technically superb frame. Flourescent paintjob. Ambrosio disc wheels. Campagnolo Croce d'Aune.


59 cm

NOS Raleigh Centenary Rare Collectible Road Bike 1987

24k gold-plated. No 139/200. Reynolds 531c tubing. Handmade in England.


54 cm

Manufrance Lautaret NOS Steel Road Bike 1990s

Lugged frame. Columbus tubing. Clincher wheels. All new parts.


55 cm

NOS Legnano Olimpiade Record Specialissima 1978

New Old Stock. Original from 1978. Campagnolo Record Parts.


50 cm

Colnago Super NOS Road Bike 1985

Never used. All original parts. Campagnolo Super Record.


56 cm

Manufrance Course NOS Steel Road Bike 1990s

Lugged frame. Vitus tubing. Clincher wheels. All new parts.


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Classic and Vintage Sold Bikes & Parts

Steel Vintage Bikes is one of the biggest online stores for classic bicycles and parts. In the last few years, we have sold over 1000 complete bicycles, over 300 bicycle frames and many, many parts to our customers from all over the world. All the bicycles you see here have been meticulously restored by our team of mechanics, serviced at our workshop in Berlin and safely shipped via our global delivery service using Deutsche Post, DHL, FedEx or FedEx Express.

In this section, you can browse some of the finest bicycles we have sold, from brands like Bianchi, Colnago, Masi, Gios, Pinarello, Basso, De Rosa, Eddy Merckx, Cinelli, Olmo, Zeus, Motobecane, Gianni Motta and many more.
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