Sold Classic & Vintage Cinelli

57 cm

Cinelli Branded City Bike 1950s

Refurbished. 1950s.


Cinelli Mod. 5 Steel Badged Quill Stem 1950s

Cinelli badged. Fillet brazed. Late 1950's.


58 cm

Cinelli Super Corsa Frameset from the 1950s

Cinelli frame. Reynolds 531 tubing.


57 cm

Cinelli Riviera Refurbished Frameset from the 1950s

Original from the 1950s! Rare! Completely Refurbished.


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In the last few years, Steel Vintage Bikes have sold over 1000 complete bicycles, over 300 bicycle frames and many, many parts to our customers from all over the world. All the bicycles you see here have been meticulously restored by our team of mechanics, serviced at our workshop in Berlin and safely shipped via our global delivery service.

We have delivered a wide range of high-quality bicycles to our customers, such as pre-1987 models for Eroica events, modern classics from the 1990s and beautifully crafted urban bicycles. Our aim is to provide only the best bicycles we discover.

Cinelli components were - and still are - some of the best available. Their frames were always made with the finest Columbus tubing and it is a testament to Cino Cinelli’s legacy that the winged ‘C’ is one of the most recognizable images in the bicycle industry.

Here you can find a catalogue of every Cinelli product we have sold to date. However, we regularly update our website with new products; subscribing to our newsletter means you are first to see what is coming soon.

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