Classic & Vintage Pedals

Campagnolo Victory Pedals

Original Campagnolo chromed clips and straps.
€199,- **
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Suntour Superbe Cage Pedals

Christophe chromed straps. Alfredo Binda leather straps.
€119,- **
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Sylvan Touring Copper Pedals

Two-sided. Aluminium. Copper coloured cages.
€35,- **
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Lyotard 136R Pedals

Lyotard 136R Pedals from the 70s.
€41.18 **
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Gipiemme Sprint Pedals

REG Special chromed clips and Bierreci leather straps.
€119,- **
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Gipiemme Dual Sprint Pedals

Mini Christophe chromed clips.
€99,- **
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Colnago NOS Pedal Leather Straps

Rare. High quality. Different colors available.
€39,- *
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Campagnolo Superleggeri Pedals

ALE clips and Binda prestige straps.
€259,- **
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Campagnolo NOS Pedal Kick Plates

Original from the 1970s!
€16.99 **
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Campagnolo Superleggeri Pedals

Club 83 leather straps. Christophe chromed clips. Made in Italy.
€239,- **
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MKS Sylvan Road Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps

Complete Set. Different Colors and Sizes Available.
€45,- **
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MKS Sylvan Road Pedals

Made in Japan. Available in black and silver.
€30,- **
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Classic and Vintage Pedals

Classic and vintage bicycle pedals and pedal accessory. If you ride a vintage bicycle, then you should use the pedals from the same era as the frame and other parts. Vintage bicycle built until 1990s usually had classic cage pedals with straps. The bikes built in the 1990s usually had clipless pedals by Look, Campagnolo or Shimano. You will find here classic cage pedals, leather and textile strips, pedal cages and, of course, clipless pedals and shoe mounts. Our bestsellers are classic cage pedals by Campagnolo.

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