Eroica T-Shirts

Eroica T-Shirts

Eroica Official T-Shirt

Official Eroica T-Shirt. Made in Italy by Santini. Available in different colours.

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Eroica T-Shirts

To ride in a Eroica event is to choose the experience of living heroically, the idea of choosing culture, fatigue and adventure. It is not just about reliving the experience of times gone past, but about reviving this history and living it every day!

What's on offer on this page are some of the official Eroica t-shirts, which you can wear when you are not riding the event.

The Main Features of Eroica T-Shirts

These T-Shirts are for the everyday, made in Italy by Santini. They combine a casual style with the heroics of the Eroica, which means you can show off even on your rest day. They are made with soft stretch cotton, and all have the "L'Eroica" logo printed on the chest.

Original Eroica Apparel

The Eroica events are about style, heroics and adventure on the bike, but also encourage these habits off the bike too, which is what these casual t-shirts are all about.

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