Eroica Cycling Shorts

Eroica Cycling Shorts

Eroica Techical Bib Shorts

Official Eroica bib shorts. Made in Italy by Santini.
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Eroica Woolen Bib Shorts

Official Eroica woolen cycling shorts. Made in Italy by Santini.
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Eroica Cycling Shorts

Eroica events are historical, inspired by the romance of racing in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is all about reconnecting with this history and heritage through the Bici Eroiche (historical bikes) we ride and the clothes we wear. On this page you can find Eroica "Approved" cycling shorts, which are absolutely perfect for Eroica events. These shorts are all made in Italy and inspired by the clothing worn by our heroes.

The Main Features of our Cycling Shorts

The Eroica cycling shorts on this page are made in Italy by the renowned manufacturer, Santini. Santini produces all the materials required for the shorts in Italy as well because tradition is very important to them. Every pair of shorts is developed from scratch by a team of designers and is manufactured to the highest level of quality. The Eroica shorts are either made from wool or lycra, and are designed with comfort in mind.

Original Eroica Apparel

The Eroica event is inspired by black and white newspaper images from the early 1900s of grueling cyclists dueling on gravel roads. It is inspired by the epic world of classic cycling, of fatigue and conquest.

The shorts that you find on this page are Eroica approved, which means that they are perfect for any Eroica adventure worldwide.

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