Eroica Cycling Caps

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Eroica Cycling Caps

The Eroica events are about connecting with the truly heroic era of cycling, and we do this through the vintage bikes we ride, the tough roads we ride on and the clothes we wear. We want the adventure to be as authentic as possible, using the same equipment, the same shoes, jerseys, bottles and caps as what our muscular heroes used during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

On this page you will find authentic cycling caps that are perfect for the Eroica!

The Main Features of Eroica Cycling Caps

The cycling caps have been designed and manufactured with the Eroica events in mind, by some of the best cycling clothing manufacturers in the world, Santini. The company was founded in 1965 and has been dedicated to producing the highest quality garments from the very beginning, using materials from Italy and designs inspired by the past. The cap is a true symbol of vintage cycling, from a time where helmets were not compulsory. Each cap here has a unique retro look, and is made with cotton for the perfect fit. This is an essential item to wear at Eroica events, for hot or cold days.

Original Eroica Apparel

The Eroica event is about reconnecting with the past, which means wearing the right clothing from the era. These caps are the perfect accessory to go with any woolen jersey for any Eroica event worldwide.

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