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De Rosa is certainly one of the most prestigious brands from Italy, named after its founder Ugo De Rosa. He was born in 1934, studied mechanics and engineering at technical college and opened his first workshop in the early 1950’s in Milan. Since he rode on an amateur level himself, he had a deep understanding of the cycling industry and passion for the sport as well.

Ugo De Rosa built very soon a good reputation among local amateur riders. His atelier in Milano was often crowded by cyclists who wanted a tailor-made frame made by the Master.

In 1958 De Rosa was approached by pro cyclist Raphael Geminiani and was asked to build a bike for the upcoming Giro d'Italia. Throughout the 60’s De Rosa bicycles gained in popularity as more and more teams chose him as supplier for professional racing bicycles.

By the end of the 1960s Eddy Merckx - the most successful rider of all time - started using De Rosa frames wich subsequently became official bicycles of the Molteni team. (De Rosa also introduced Merckx to the art of frame building and helped him setting up his own company in 1980). The Molteni team with Merckx as a captain won a lot of races including Grand Tours like the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and Classics like Milano-Sanremo, as well as the World championship.

Another world champion on a De Rosa bicycle was Francesco Moser riding for team Filotex in 1976.

The most famous De Rosa models were:
  • De Rosa Super Prestige (70's-80's)
  • De Rosa Primato (80's-90's)
  • De Rosa Professional (90's)

Ugo De Rosa still manufactures high end frames near Milano and runs the family business alongside his sons.