Cycle Café Address

  • Steel Vintage Bikes Café
  • Wilhelmstr. 91
  • 10117 Berlin, Germany
  • Tel: +49 (0) 30 206 238 77

Opening Hours

  • Steel Vintage Bikes Café

We are open daily!

Monday-Sunday 09:00 - 20:00

SVB Cycle Café

At our core, we want to celebrate the rich and colorful history of cycling here at Steel Vintage Bikes. Our Café, located in the heart of the Berlin neighborhood of Mitte, gives us an opportunity to showcase our rare and unique collection of bicycles, and inspire fans of our sport with a complete cycling experience.

Our rotating menu of Mediterranean infused dishes is complimented by our full coffee bar. The space is perfect for live and classic screenings of our sports greatest moments, as well as hosting one of kind exhibitions and events.

Whether you are meeting up before or after a ride or stopping in for a mid-day snack, the Café is a perfect home for any cycling fan.


Lunch Specials


Starting 11:00 / Ab 11.00 Uhr


Leaf salad with cold smoked salmon, homemade honey-mustard vinaigrette and grated horseradish



Lentil-bell pepper salad with spring onions and a poached egg



Now serving Berliner Kindl Draft Beer!


We are hiring!