Rossin Vintage Bicycles

52 cm

Rossin Record Rerurbished Frame Set 1980s

Columbus SL tubing. Refurbished.
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Rossin was officially born on 14th September 1974. Founded by the five fathers, Vittorio Ghezzi and his son, Inzaghi, Mario Rossin, along with Domenico Garbelli. Mario Rossin had honed his skills working at Colnago, becoming a master in the art of wielding and decided to join forces with Ghezzi. This allowed him to have greater creative freedom and really push his own boundaries in engineering and design.

Initially, Rossin bicycles was competing in amateur races and making a reputation for itself on the circuit. It wasn’t until 1977 that Rossin bikes made their professional debut at the Laigueglia Trophy as part of the GBC Itla racing team. Over the years Rossin grew in size and reputation, making bicycles for the greatest professional racing teams as well as Olympic national teams. Today, it continues to be a leader in cycling manufacturing and is always looking for ways to improve, innovate and inspire.

Classic and Vintage Rossin Models

Rossin Record – One of the first ever Rossin bicycles to ever be made. Have a piece of history with this bike that is made with extremely light Columbus SL Tubing.

Rossin Super Record – Equipped with Columbus SL or SLX Tubing and Campagnolo groupset. Super quick and light.

Rossin Ghibili Classic – Maximising comfort and improving stiffness giving the rider greater control. This bicycle still stands the test of time and is delightful to look at.

Rossin Futura CX – Rare and collectible. Absolutely stunning and embodies everything Rossin wanted to achieve with cycling.

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