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Richard Woodhead and Paul Angois were the mechanical brains behind Raleigh. Though, it was businessman Frank Bowden that catapulted the company to becoming the biggest cycling manufacturer in the world. Gone were the days of producing three bikes a week and only having 3 small workshops. Raleigh became a household name and having started in 1888, it is one of the oldest cycling companies today.

The heron’s head marks the headbadge of Raleigh and makes it one of the most instantly recognisable manufacturers. In 1980, Joop Zoetemelk won the Tour de France on the back of Raleigh Team Professional. He was part of the notorious TI-Raleigh Team that was known for its discipline, with time trails being their speciality. Raleigh went on to also produce bicycles for Team USA at the Olympics and for the cycling team French Systeme U. They continue to have impact in cycling today and are a major part of bicycle history.

Classic and vintage Bianchi models

Raleigh Competition – made with the famous Reynolds 531 tubes and Raleigh’s own distinguished components. The definition of Raleigh.

Team Raleigh – This bicycle was designed and manufactured by Raleigh's Special Product Division under Gerald O'Donovan. One of Raleigh’s masterclasses.

Raleigh Road Ace- Superb Reynolds 531c tubes. This is an Eroica Classic.

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