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Francesco Moser
54 cm

Francesco Moser Cromovelato Prestige Road Bike 1981

Rare top model. Overly pantographed. Top class parts.
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54 cm

F. Moser Leader SC Classic Road Bike 1980s

Fully Campagnolo equipped. Cobalto brakes. Fillet brazed frame.

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Francesco Moser

Francesco Moser began building racing bicycles after his retirement, in a small workshop in Trento, Italy.

Moser's frames are unique among Italian racing bicycles for being fillet brazed using silver solder rather than using lugs with brass brazing; silver solder never gets hot enough to weaken the tubing and thus bicycles constructed in this manner do not need to be reinforced with lugs, thus reducing the bicycle's weight. After brazing, each frame is hand filed and aligned on a digital alignment table. The smooth lines resulting from the lack of lugs are emphasised with a unicrown fork and an integrated seatpost, attached by an expander bolt in a manner similar to the handlebar stem.

They're iconic, stylish, well-built, and above all, fast.

Here you can buy Francesco Moser classic vintage bicycles. The brand was founded in 1979 by Francesco Moser, a professional road bicycle racer who was born in 1951 in Trentino, Italy. Francesco Moser broke the 1972 hour record set by Eddy Merckx

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