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Fausto Coppi

Angelo Fausto Coppi from Castellania, Italy, is regarded as one of the best cyclists of all time. Coppi was a sprinter, a hill climber, a time trail specialist, in fact, Coppi was so versatile as a cyclist he became unbeatable across many disciplines. From humble beginnings in the small town of Castellania, Piedmont, Italy, he had fulfilled his boyhood dream of becoming a professional cyclist.

It was in the 1950s that Fausto Coppi wanted to begin producing his own classic Italian racing bicycles and inspire the next generation of cyclists. He approached Novi Ligure of Fiorelli and made a deal for the manufacture of bicycles that would be named after himself. These vintage bicycles were very similar to Fiorelli's own designs, apart from the finish and branding. They encapsulate the history of Fausto Coppi, they are effortlessly stylistic and have a classic, authentic build.

When Fausto Coppi passed away of malaria in 1960, the contract that had previously been made was still valid. This meant the production of Fausto Coppi branded bicycles continued and at SVB were always happy when a Coppi bicycle comes through our door.

Classic and Vintage Fausto Coppi Bicycles

Fausto Coppi Milano-Sanremo – The Milano to Sanremo is a long, gruelling, single day ride, and Coppi wrote himself into the history books due to winning by a margin of 14 minutes in 1946. This bicycle was born due to this race. It has an extremely elegant fork and frame that adds to the overall aesthetics, and makes this bicycle highly sought after.

Fiorelli Coppi Campionissimo – Champion of champions. This is one of the most famous and iconic models manufactured by the Coppi brand. A classic build with a simple but stylist look, that rides like a dream.

Fausto Coppi Giro d'Italia – Words cannot really justify how beautiful this bicycle is. Impeccable paintwork that is truly eye catching. Lugging that will make all other riders jealous. This bicycle stands out from the crowd and encapsulates Fausto Coppi.

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