Vintage Bicycles

51 cm

Rossin Record SLX Classic Road Bike 1980s

Columbus SLX tubing. Pantographs. Campagnolo Record.

Regular Price: €1,999.00

Special Price: €1,599.00 *

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58 cm

Corradini Elegant Artisan Road Bike 1970s

Fine lugwork. Internal brake cable routing.

Regular Price: €1,499.00

Special Price: €999.00 *

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55 cm

Cinelli S.C. Classic Road Bike 1960s

Early version. Original paint. 1st Campagnolo Record.

Regular Price: €3,999.00

Special Price: €3,499.00 *

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54 cm

Francesco Moser Cromovelato Prestige Road Bike 1981

Rare top model. Overly pantographed. Top class parts.
€2,499.00 *
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56 cm

Georges Paret Orange Bicycle Frame from 1970s

€299.00 *
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LERI Mosquito Classic Moped 1960s

49cc. Garelli motor. Refurbished.

Regular Price: €1,899.00

Special Price: €1,499.00 *

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57 cm

Chesini Precision Classic Road Bike 1984

Pantographed. Milled. Black anodizing. Campagnolo Super Record. Cromovelato. Internally routed cables.

Regular Price: €1,999.00

Special Price: €1,799.00 *

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55.5 cm

Legnano Olimpiade Record Specialissima 1979

Reynolds 531 Extra Light. Campagnolo Record parts.

Regular Price: €1,599.00

Special Price: €1,499.00 *

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58 cm

Patelli Aero Classic Road Bike 1980s

Artisan frame. Aero cable routing. Engraved seat stays. Campagnolo Super Record.

Regular Price: €1,599.00

Special Price: €1,299.00 *

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60 cm

Gios Torino Professional Classic Road Bike 1980s

Advanced Gios frame. Campagnolo Record parts.


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Vintage Bicycles

Since 2012, Steel Vintage Bikes has been the ultimate destination for classic and vintage bicycles throughout the world.

Everything we do has been founded on our passion for classic cycling, which still remains the bedrock of our business. Therefore we strive to provide only genuine classic bicycles with original components from the appropriate era. All the bicycles we display are carefully vetted and serviced in Berlin by our expert and enthusiastic team.

Before any bicycle is sold, it is fully restored by our workshop crew; cables, chain, tires and worn components are replaced so that every bicycle that is available online or in store, leaves us feeling exactly how it should – when it arrives at your door, it is ready to ride, and raring to go.

On our online shop you can safely purchase the finest handcrafted bicycles from the greatest cycling brands, such as:

Following our partnership with Eroica, we also guarantee that our EROICA VINTAGE BICYCLES are approved to complete any Eroica event around the world.

Classic and Vintage Bicycles: The Choice

Bicycles are machines of pure beauty, but understanding the fine craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail that goes into every classic road bicycle, makes them an everlasting masterpiece. A lugged steel frame equipped with quality components is likely to be the best riding experiences you can have, and the closest connection to history, and the road you could hope for. When constructed by the right hands, steel bikes are responsive, light and comfortable; the golden trio of contemporary bicycles design. Nevertheless, when buying a classic bicycle, there are a few features to consider:

Frame: The frame is the bike's core and therefore has to be manufactured with high-quality materials; when it comes to steel frames, the best manufactures mainly used Columbus or Reynolds tubing.

Components: High-quality components ensure a long-lasting and pleasant ride. Campagnolo and in later years, Shimano, offered the finest bicycle components on offer.

Size: Most frame measurements are based on the seat tube. Calculate your frame size here.

Condition: The frame has to be free from cracks, dents and rust. Paintwork and decals are always preferable with the manufactures original. When looking at the Steel Vintage Bikes online shop, you are in the right place to find your dream classic bicycle. Our team is also on standby to help and advise you in making the correct decision. For any questions about our bicycles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Collectible Vintage Bicycles

Vintage bicycles are increasingly drawing attention of forward thinking investors, not only because they do not depreciate over time, but actually increase in value year upon year. The fact that some vintage bicycles were handmade, and only a finite number ever produced, or they've been ridden by cycling legends also make them far superior to the mass production bikes of nowadays; thus can be considered true pieces of art.

Steel Vintage Bikes have been sourcing and inspecting collectible bikes from the most legendary brands since our inception. Our mission is to only choose authentic and rare pieces of cycling history, breathe new life into them, and bring them back to their former glory so that our customers can experience all that the bikes can possibly offer - and relish their unique investment.

In this section we have only listed la-crème-de-la-crème of the vintage & classic bicycles available on our online shop. Each of these rare cycles has been vetted for authenticity, and has been carefully serviced in our workshop by our master mechanics.

All bicycles listed as COLLECTIBLES are available for purchase and sold with a proper CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. Thanks to a collaboration with the best couriers and packaging methods, we are able to ship insured and worldwide to your doorstep.

* Excl. shipping fee. According § 25a USTG VAT not displayed.
** Incl. VAT, excl. shipping fee.