Chesini Vintage Bicycles

57 cm

Chesini Precision Classic Road Bike 1984

Pantographed. Milled. Black anodizing. Campagnolo Super Record. Cromovelato. Internally routed cables.

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In 1925, from the skilful hands of Gelmino Chesini, founder of the prestigious brand, the first Chesini innovative bike was created. The first model of a racing bike, named the Chesini 'Biciprecision' is forged in that year, in the workshop of Nesente, a small village near Verona.

In the post war period, the activities grew quickly and, in 1947, Gelmino Chesini acquired a bike factory, and moves the headquarters of the brand to Via San Paolo, in Verona.

The sixties was the time of the Italian economic boom that brought massive changes in people's mobility. Cars were now more affordable, popular, and started to became a status symbol. Thus to further capitalise on the deep knowledge in precision mechanics and on the experience in the production of distribution mechanisms Gelmino Chesini started a servicing centre for 'Singer' sewing machines.

However the brand never stopped researching innovative solutions for its bikes. In 1963 a Chesini bike won the Solo 100 km World Amateur Championship, and in 1964 and 1965 the Chesini Team also won the 100 km World Amateur Championships.

With the passing of time, it became clear that the pursuit of the goal of producing a bicycle that was unique but perfect for a professional or an amateur was antithetical to large scale production. But there was no doubt as to which route the company would inevitably choose, rather, to aim even higher and produce bicycles that were of impeccable quality and utterly unique.

Today every Chesini bike is special because of its uniqueness; every one is handcrafted one by one with dedication, skill, attention to detail and above all: an unchanged passion.

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