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The Casati family has been building bicycle frames since 1920 from their small shop in Monza, Italy - the company still thrives today, and is now in the third generation of frame builders.

From the founder Pietro Casati came a great appreciation of the newest technology and methods of building racing bicycles that could perform better, with higher safer and a lighter weight. Casati was one of the first frame builders to work with Tullio Campagnolo’s invention of the rear derailleur and they incorporated this technology into innovative bikes that made road cycling faster, easier and more practical.

Since Casati builds each frame one at a time, they make no sacrifice on quality. There are no shortcuts. There are no cheap substitutes. Each bicycle frame that bears the Casati name has been in an artisanal way and produced with the ultimate attention to detail, inspection, and the highest level of paint and finish. We hope to do this wonderful brand justice.

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