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Francesco Moser

Francesco Moser, who was born in 1951, in Trentino, south Italy, became a professional road bicycle racer. His professional carrier began in 1973. Just a few years later he became one of the most dominant riders of his generation. He had amazing power, but due to his large physique he was not a good climber. He won two stages in the Tour de France, the whole Giro d’Italia in 1984, plus a further 23 stages. He won the San Remo in Milan, as well as the World Road Racing Championships in San Cristobal, Venezuela in 1977.

The world hour record

Perhaps the most interesting of Francesco Moser's achievements is when he broke the 1972 hour record set by Eddy Merckx. He beat this record in 1984 in Mexico City, after a long period of training and preparation. The record was made on an aerodynamic bike which no one had seen before. It had oval steel tubing and disc wheels, so his record of 51.151 km in one hour was widely discussed.

Classic bike production

The bicycle which caused this discussion was made by his own company, Cicli Moser, founded in 1979. The record of 1984 was celebrated by Moser adding different frames to his range. In 1987 the classic bicycle, the ‘Francesco Moser 51.151’, which was named after his record, went into production. It was made of Columbus SLX steel and equipped with the Campagnolo Super Record and Triomphe series. Other notable classic bicycles from this time are the Francesco Moser 2.0, and the Cromovelato, produced from 1979 onwards. The Cromovelato had the Columbus S.L. tubing and Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. The earliest models also had a portrait of Francesco Moser on them!  

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