Classic & Vintage Colnago Bicycles

55 cm

Colnago Master Classic Bicycle Late 1980s

Columbus Gilco Design- Profilo S4 Tubes. Campagnolo Record Groupset.
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54 cm

Colnago Master Classic Bicycle 1980s

Columbus Gilco Design S4. Campagnolo Super Record.


57 cm

Colnago Arabesque 1984 Classic Bicycle

Extremely rare! Original from 1984 (Se. No. 185)! Campagnolo Super Record Colnago 30th Anniversary Group.
€14,900,- *
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56 cm

Colnago Super Classic Bicycle 1980s

Columbus SL tubes. Shimano 600 Parts.
€1,699,- *
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Classic and Vintage Colnago

Here you can buy classic vintage bicycles from Colnago.
Founded by Ernesto Colnago, Colnago was the first brand to build custom made bicycles. Having initially used steel, he later switched to silver, titanium and then carbon frames.

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